Jumping Flash

Robbit2Growing up, I was not allowed to have any game consoles, until the PlayStation came out. My brother convinced our dad that it was technically advanced enough to merit buying.

One of the first games we played was a demo for Jumping Flash! that came on the sample games CD with the PlayStation. Soon thereafter we purchased it, and I played it ad-naseum for years to come. It’s a very whimsical platform type game that is very light-hearted. The protagonist, Robbit (A robotic rabbit) is sent to save “jet pods” that are located on various pieces of planets that have been stolen by the evil Baron Aloha. One particular level, world 3-2, was the favorite. It had flying whales, catchy music, and fun rainbow roller coasters that you could ride.

This digital painting, like my other ones, was done in Adobe Photoshop with a Bamboo Graphic Pen in my spare time. I still play this game from time to time using an emulator. It’s great fun, and something I’ve wanted to illustrate for quite a while.

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