Paper iPad/iPhone Stand

I’ve seen some pretty inexpensive iPad docks, but I thought I could take the next step to make one that is virtually free! I made this little beauty out of a single piece of paper. Well, it actually took 3 pieces of paper in order to work out all the bugs, but at $0.015 a sheet, this thing ran me a little less than a nickel!

Admittedly, this was originally designed for just iPhones (seeing as I haven’t purchased an iPad yet), but surprisingly worked well for iPads too, as the following image demonstrates!

Its very simple to make your own!
  • Download the template
  • Print it out (preferably on thick paper!)
  • Cut it out (and scoring it makes it easier too)
  • Glue it
  • Enjoy!

There you have it! Download the file and get to it, and make your own sub-nickel iPhone/iPad stand!

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