My coworker is getting married, and I had the opportunity to help with the design of the invitations. These are a little different from anything I’ve done before. She wanted something simple, and modern, but to have a bit of a retro flare at the same time. We used a monochromatic theme which I think makes it look very elegant.

Misty's Wedding Invitation

The most fun part of it though was the opportunity to print on Touché Paper (produced by FiberMark). This paper is so beautiful, and has an amazing texture. It feels like a silky velvet, and is thick and impressive. It added another layer of interest to the over all look of the invitations. The photos were taken by my colleague, Joe Wilson, which turned out very nicely.

Apple Products

I have an affinity for Apple products because I enjoy their clean lines and elegant design. I often try to mimic their products in Adobe Illustrator. Here are a few of the items I have recreated. The first is the venerable iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G

The next is a Mac Pro with Cinema Display. This took a long time (especially the perforations on the front)! But, the end result exceeded my expectations.

Mac Pro

And lastly was the first Mac I ever bought; a PowerMac G3 Blue and White. It was a great computer, and I still have it. I was annoyed that Apple didn’t provide an icon for it in the finder as they do for every following PowerMac, so I decided to create my own in the same manner as Apple does.

PowerMac G3

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